Grabba Whole Tobacco Fronto Leaf

What is a Fronto Leaf?

"Fronto", "Grabba", and "Fanta" are all just alternative names for 100% Whole Leaf Tobacco. Tobacco leaf, in the unprocessed form, has many uses. From medicinal tea, to homemade organic pesticide spray, this ALL NATURAL LEAF can also be used to roll your loose cut tobacco and make cigars- Each leaf yields 12-15 roll-ups that are about 2-3 inches wide by 4-6 inches long (for best results, cut between the veins).

Stogy Wraps™ are factory steamed before being packaged. Always store your Fronto Leaf in the re-sealable package to keep fresh! (If Stogy Wraps™ get dry, mist with water and return to the re-sealable package).

How to cut your Stogy Wraps™

1. Unfold Leaf

2. Cut Down Middle

3. Cut Along Veins